Application summary of knowledge about cylinder

The selection of the type of cylinder The selection of the type of cylinder is selected correctly according to the work request and conditions. When the plea cylinder arrives at the end of the stroke without impact phenomenon and impact noise, the buffer cylinder should be selected; the plea is light in weight, and the light cylinder should be selected; the plea is narrow in installation space and short in stroke, and a thin cylinder is optional; there is a lateral load, and a cylinder with a guide rod is optional.
The pleading brake precision is high, and the locking cylinder should be selected; The piston rod is not allowed to rotate, and the cylinder with rod non-rotation function can be selected. Heat-resistant cylinder shall be selected in high temperature environment. In corrosive environment, corrosion-resistant cylinder shall be selected. In a harsh environment such as dust, it is required to install a dust cover at the extended end of the piston rod. When pleading for no pollution, it is necessary to choose a cylinder without oil or oil lubrication.
Cylinder learning is easy to learn (learn cylinder learning every day) The installation method is determined according to the installation location, application purpose and other elements. Under normal circumstances, a fixed cylinder is used. When the demand is continuous rotation with the working mechanism (such as lathe, grinder, etc.), the rotary cylinder should be selected. In the pleading piston rod in addition to linear motion, but also need to make arc swing, the choice of shaft pin cylinder. When there is a special request, the corresponding special cylinder should be selected.
The size of the force is the choice of cylinder diameter. According to the size of the load force to determine the output of the cylinder thrust and pull. Generally, the cylinder force required by the external load theory is balanced, and different load rates are selected according to different speeds, so that the cylinder output force has a slight margin. The cylinder diameter is too small, the output force is not enough, but the cylinder diameter is too large, the equipment is heavy, the cost is improved, and the gas consumption is increased, and the energy is wasted. In the fixture design, should try to use the expansion mechanism, in order to reduce the size of the cylinder.

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