Simultaneous grinding of two flat surfaces


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Rushan Shuangxing Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Rushan Shuangxing Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Rushan, Shandong, China. It is a high-tech enterprise with a group of engineering and technical talents who have been engaged in the design and manufacturing of double disc grinding machines for a long time. It has mastered the development trend of advanced grinding machine manufacturing technology both domestically and internationally, and has formed a highly influential technical team both domestically and internationally. It has multiple independent intellectual property rights and has won multiple scientific and technological innovation awards.

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Double Disc Grinding Machines

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The main products include horizontal axis series double disc grinding machines such as LGM75C, LGM60Y, LGM50Y, SXM80D, SXM80Y, SX100-5W, SX150-9W, SX150-12Y, SX150D-13Y, M7675B, M7660B, M7650B, MY7650B and vertical axis series double disc grinding machines such as SXM750 and SXM580.

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Conveyor Belts for Connecting Rods


It is mainly used in the automatic transmission between the various equipment of the connecting rod production line, without manual intervention, that is, to avoid bumps and improve the appearance quality; it also improves efficiency and reduces labor intensity.

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Double Disc Grinding Machines
Conveyor Belts for Connecting Rods

Automatic Double Disc Grinding Machine


The full-automatic double disc grinding machine is mainly used for the production line of engine connecting rods to meet the requirements of diesel engine connecting rod processing technology and gasoline engine connecting rod processing technology.

CNC Double Disc Grinding Machine


The CNC double disc grinding machine can be used for high-precision grinding of two end surfaces of large-size parts such as a connecting rod of a diesel engine, a carbon ceramic plate, a carbon ceramic brake disc, a cylinder cover, a valve block, a square cylinder cover and the like, adopts reciprocating motion and plunge grinding, and mainly comprises a four-axis numerical control system;

Precision Double Disc Grinding Machine


The precision double disc grinding machine is suitable for high-precision processing of two end faces of parts with various shapes and different materials, is especially suitable for workpieces such as air conditioning compressor cylinders, silicon blocks, monocrystalline silicon wafers, cross shafts, valve blocks and the like, and can grind workpieces with large allowance and high precision requirements to finish the products at one time;

Double Disc Grinding Machine for Carbon Ceramic Brake Disc


The carbon ceramic brake disc is made of special materials to solve the characteristics of wear resistance and weight reduction, but it also brings the problem of difficult processing.

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We have provided supporting services for Shanghai General Motors, Weichai, Yuchai, Northern General Motors, Loto, Beinei, Gree Electric Appliances, Midea Group, BYD, Foxconn, and others.

Workpices ground by the double disc grinding machines

Products are widely used in automobiles, mobile phones, air conditioners, electrical appliances, new energy, new materials and other heavy and light industries. The products are sold to more than 20 countries and regions

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Connecting rod
Titanium aluminum alloy edge strip for mobile phones
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The export double disc grinding machine is under export Customs clearance and being dispatched today.

A double disc grinding machine for processing bicycle disc brakes exported to foreign countries will be sealed and customs declaration procedures will be opened today in accordance with the requirements of wooden case packaging for international trade.

Automatic detection of CNC double disc grinding machines

In order to meet the requirements of customers for intelligent double disc grinding machines and highly automated double disc grinding machines, the company has been doing in-depth exploration and research in the automatic detection of CNC double disc grinding machines.

Connecting Rod Double Disc Grinding Machine Accepted by Customer Today

In order to meet the requirements of connecting rod processing technology, our company has successfully developed a special double-end grinder for connecting rod, which can grind both ends of connecting rod of diesel engine, gasoline engine, motorcycle, lawn mower and miniature connecting rod.

Double disc grinding machine special for carbon ceramic brake disc

The carbon ceramic brake disc has stable braking performance, no noise, light weight and small friction loss, and the carbon ceramic brake disc has high mechanical strength, can bear great shearing force and pressure, and can dissipate heat quickly