Enterprise culture

Implied Meaning: Both Parties Prosper

Core Beliefs

Excellence is Endless; Product Quality is Endless

Quality policy

Product is personality; quality is morality; pursuit of perfection; pursuit of excellence; challenge of zero defect

Market philosophy

Service requires utmost efforts; Sincere throughout the whole process; Strive to take away the troubles of customers; leave our sincerity behind; double prosperity and win-win.

Management concept

High quality employees; high level quality equipment; new process technology; new management concepts;  respect and diligence; respect and innovation

Business philosophy

The output of the product is money, but quality is life, we can't lose life just because we need money. We decide the excellent or inferior quality that the product will be, but the quality  determines the choice of users.

Attitude relating to problem

To prevent problem is meticulous; to find out problem is technical level; to expose problem is conscientious; to solve problem is ability.

Safety concept

Love of motherland; love of Shuangxing; love of job post; cultured; emphasis of unity; more tolerant; mutual understanding; diligent in learning; good at improving.

Development strategy

If you do, then do it the best; if you do, then do the top quality of the product; if you do, then become the first; benefit the users; benefit the employees; benefit the society.

R & D concept

Independent innovation; importation and digestion; cooperation and development; moderately advanced development; develop one generation; reserve one generation;  research into one generation in advance.

Safety concept

Health, life first, safety first, always nip in the bud, unsafe things don't take risks, don't try