In-depth understanding of CNC double-face grinding machine

CNC double-end grinding machine is a high-precision machine tool, which can grind the two end faces of the part at the same time, which can greatly improve the quality and production efficiency of the workpiece. It is mainly used for double-sided grinding of planes, corners and cylinders.CNC double-end grinding machineThe operation is simple and convenient, the processing speed is fast, and the grinding effect is good. Mainly used in metal, non-metal and other materials processing, widely used in various industries, especially in automotive, aviation, electronics, instrumentation and tool manufacturing and other fields. The use of advanced numerical control technology can realize fully automated processing and effectively improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, it also has the functions of fault self-checking, data display, tool compensation, automatic scrapping, etc., which can greatly improve the intelligent level of the equipment.

1. Application

  CNC double-end grinding machineWith the application of advanced numerical control technology, it can control the processing parameters in the grinding process and ensure the high precision processing of the workpiece.

2. Double end processing efficiency at the same time

The traditional grinding machine can only grind one side of the workpiece, whileCNC double-end grinding machineNot only can the two end faces be ground at the same time, and the processing efficiency is obviously improved, and the efficiency of the grinding machine is increased by about 50%.

3. Can be widely used in manufacturing

CNC double-end grinders can be widely used in metal processing, auto parts, molds and other manufacturing industries, which can greatly improve the accuracy and quality of products.

4. CNC industry market trends

With the development of numerical control technology,CNC double-end grinding machineAs a representative of high-precision grinding machine, the market demand is increasing year by year, and the domestic CNC industry has broad prospects for development.

5. The driving force of digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing has become the only way to upgrade the manufacturing industry, and the application of CNC double-end grinders combined with digital technology will become the future development trend.

In short, CNC double-end grinding machine has played an important role in improving the accuracy and quality of machining. With the continuous upgrading of CNC technology, the application prospect of CNC double-end grinding machine will be broader in the future.

In recent years, with the continuous development and upgrading of the industrial manufacturing industry, CNC double-end grinders have become one of the indispensable equipment in modern manufacturing. In the future, with the progress of science and technology and the continuous innovation of the industry, I believe that the CNC double-end grinder will play a more important role and make greater contributions to the development and progress of the industry.

Start the equipment and carry out self-test: turn on the power and carry out self-test of the equipment to ensure that all functions are normal.

Wear work clothes and labor protection articles to ensure safe operation.

Place the workpiece to be ground on the table and adjust the position of the workpiece.

According to the need to select the appropriate grinding tool to switch.

According to the requirements of the workpiece, set the grinding parameters, including grinding depth, grinding speed, feed speed, etc.

Start the grinding process according to the set parameters and procedures, and observe whether the grinding process is normal.

After the grinding is completed, the workpiece is inspected to confirm that the specified requirements are met before the production can be ended.


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Automatic Double Disc Grinding Machine


The full-automatic double disc grinding machine is mainly used for the production line of engine connecting rods to meet the requirements of diesel engine connecting rod processing technology and gasoline engine connecting rod processing technology.

CNC Double Disc Grinding Machine


The CNC double disc grinding machine can be used for high-precision grinding of two end surfaces of large-size parts such as a connecting rod of a diesel engine, a carbon ceramic plate, a carbon ceramic brake disc, a cylinder cover, a valve block, a square cylinder cover and the like, adopts reciprocating motion and plunge grinding, and mainly comprises a four-axis numerical control system;

Precision Double Disc Grinding Machine


The precision double disc grinding machine is suitable for high-precision processing of two end faces of parts with various shapes and different materials, is especially suitable for workpieces such as air conditioning compressor cylinders, silicon blocks, monocrystalline silicon wafers, cross shafts, valve blocks and the like, and can grind workpieces with large allowance and high precision requirements to finish the products at one time;

Double Disc Grinding Machine for Carbon Ceramic Brake Disc


The carbon ceramic brake disc is made of special materials to solve the characteristics of wear resistance and weight reduction, but it also brings the problem of difficult processing.

Double Disc Grinding Machine


By switching different fixtures, this double disc grinding machine can grind motorcycle connecting rods, mobile phone edge strips, mobile phone frames, bearings, pistons, piston pins, wool scissors blades, crankshaft bush covers, cams, sliders and many other products.

Horizontal Shaft Double Disc Grinding Machine


The horizontal spindle double disc grinding machine is widely used because of its strong versatility, simple fixture, easy and fast to switch varieties, high grinding efficiency, strong rigidity, good stability, small power, low grinding cost and low price.

Double Disc Grinding Machine


The double disc grinding machine is suitable for grinding parts of various shapes and different materials on the upper and lower surfaces, especially parts with high requirements for verticality, flatness and parallelism, such as bearings, pistons, stamping parts, cam pieces, piston pins, rollers, ceramic parts, etc.

Through type Double Disc Grinding Machine


The through-type double disc grinding machine can be used for powerful grinding, is an ideal double disc grinding machine for grinding multi-specification products by a single machine, and is mainly used for grinding round or square and rectangular large-specification parts such as bearings, bicycle disc brakes, gear rings, notebook aluminum plates, compressor valve plates, robot gears, blades, air compressor valve plates, aluminum plates and the like.