What is the treatment method of common problems of automatic double-end grinding machine

  Full-automatic double-end grinding machineThe common problems are handled as follows:


1. Grinding injury

Grinding is the process of squeezing, sliding, plowing and chip separation of abrasive particles on the surface of the workpiece. The whole process is accompanied by the friction of the abrasive particles on the surface of the workpiece, especially in the double-sided grinding process. The grinding area is large, the friction resistance increases, and the heat generated by friction also increases, which is easy to generate high temperature. The high temperature generated by friction is also concentrated in the place where the wear debris gathers, which causes the local metal structure on the surface of the workpiece to anneal and shrink, forming a concave shape, the surface color turns purple, and the grinding injury is formed.

Automatic double-end grinding machine: The key to solving grinding injuries is to choose the right grinding wheel. The grinding wheel should have the appropriate hardness, not to lose too fast, but also has a strong self-sharpening, in order to reduce the friction resistance generated in the grinding process. The second is that the grinding wheel should have good chip removal performance, and the second is that the cutting fluid should give full play to a better cooling effect. In addition, if the grinding is only slightly injured (there is a small area of bright blocks on the surface of the workpiece), the speed of the grinding wheel can be appropriately reduced, the cutting force can be reduced, and the problem of workpiece injury can be solved.

1. Taper of parts.

The taper of the processed parts can be adjusted or waterproof paper can be padded on the wheel surface falling off plate under the guidance of the machine tool. Check whether the guide wheel bearing of the machine tool is too loose.

2. Edge grinding and collapse (more grinding at four corners)

Automatic double-end grinding machine: There are many reasons for the collapse of the grinding edge, which are related to the relative position of the reference base plate, the reference grinding wheel, the guide plate and the grinding angle of the grinding wheel.

First of all, it is necessary to check and adjust the grinding angle of the grinding wheel as described above, so as to avoid the concentration of the grinding amount in a certain part of the grinding wheel during grinding, and to maintain the uniformity of the grinding force when the workpiece is ground by the grinding wheel, so as to achieve the purpose of hierarchical step grinding.

Secondly, check and adjust the parallelism of the inlet and outlet reference substrates and the right grinding wheel and the height difference between them. Adjust the appropriate gap between the inlet and outlet reference substrates of the guide platen so that the workpiece can pass freely without interference, while also ensuring that it is not deflected.

In addition, the positional relationship of the reference grinding wheel is also very important, which should be 0.02-0.03mm higher than the export reference substrate. It is necessary to check the flatness of the grinding surface of the grinding wheel. Since the linear speed of the grinding wheel gradually decreases from the outer edge to the center to zero, the outer edge is consumed quickly and protrusions are prone to appear, so the grinding wheel needs to be dressed to maintain the flatness of the surface.

3. Smoothness.

  Full-automatic double-end grinding machineThe poor surface finish when grinding parts may be caused by the following factors: the middle height of the parts is not high; the grinding area reserved for the parts is too small; the grinding wheel jitter is too large; the quality of the machine tool guide wheel is not high; the cutting and grinding of the grinding machine Whether there is floating oil on the surface or whether the quality has changed.

4. Deviation of workpiece thickness

When the thickness deviation of the workpiece after grinding is large and cannot meet the quality requirements, the grinding wheel angle should be checked.

Fully automatic double-end grinding machine: The thickness deviation in the width direction of the workpiece should be different from the upper and lower point openings in the vertical direction of the grinding wheel. If there is a thickness deviation in the length direction, it should be because the grinding wheel angle is too large or too small, or the reverse adjustment (the inlet is smaller than the outlet). Therefore, if there is a thickness deviation, adjust the angle.

5. Roundness of parts.

The roundness of the part is not ideal, and the middle height of the part is not high; observeFull-automatic double-end grinding machineWhether the grinding sound, cutting sound and fire center are abnormal; Whether the machine tool has abnormal jitter during grinding and cutting.


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