What should we pay attention to when using double-sided grinding machine

Generally, the newly started double-sided grinding machine must first debug the mechanical parts before processing the workpiece products. The debugging of mechanical parts generally includes those aspects: the levelness of the end face of the polishing disc generally uses polishing liquid when polishing the workpiece, if the flatness of the polishing disc is inclined during the processing.


Then the polishing liquid will be deposited on one side, so that the polishing liquid flow on the polishing disc during processing is uneven and then affects the quality of polishing. Therefore, it is necessary to debug the level of the lower polishing disc. Usually, the level is placed on the polishing disc without polishing pad, the bolt is calibrated in the vertical upward direction, and the levelness is adjusted to reach 0.004 mm/m.

The beating of the end face of the polishing disc is due to the high oscillation frequency of the end face during the polishing operation, the axial symmetry difference between the upper and lower polishing discs is large, and the lateral shaking of the upper polishing disc is too large during processing. If this debugging is not done, it will affect the smoothness and quality of polishing. In this regard, the end face runout of the polishing disc should be debugged according to the processing needs, and the runout should be controlled within 0.015mmn as far as possible.

When the coaxiality of the main shaft rotates at a high speed during processing, if the center of the piston rod in the cylinder device and the axis driving the polishing disc work are too painful; Perhaps the gap connected with the chuck used by the upper polishing disc is too large, which will cause the upper polishing disc to deviate too much when reversing. If it is a movable connection, great shaking will definitely occur during high-speed work, resulting in uneven polishing pressure and then affecting polishing quality.

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CNC Double Disc Grinding Machine


The CNC double disc grinding machine can be used for high-precision grinding of two end surfaces of large-size parts such as a connecting rod of a diesel engine, a carbon ceramic plate, a carbon ceramic brake disc, a cylinder cover, a valve block, a square cylinder cover and the like, adopts reciprocating motion and plunge grinding, and mainly comprises a four-axis numerical control system;

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The precision double disc grinding machine is suitable for high-precision processing of two end faces of parts with various shapes and different materials, is especially suitable for workpieces such as air conditioning compressor cylinders, silicon blocks, monocrystalline silicon wafers, cross shafts, valve blocks and the like, and can grind workpieces with large allowance and high precision requirements to finish the products at one time;

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